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Tesla: The rally continues
Tesla: The rally continues Photo by Milan Csizmadia on Unsplash

What are my price targets?

In my latest articles, I pointed out the attractive technical situation of Tesla shares and the possible risks. After the downward slide of the last few months, the share showed the first signs of a possible turnaround.

The breakout to the top was the signal.

Even if it was a few weeks later than I expected, the pivot low of March was not left on the downside and that is very important. The renewed approach towards the $ 720 mark was ultimately the signal for the bulls.

The breakout came with a lot of momentum and catapulted prices up a…

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

How far could Tesla stock fall?

In my last article, I wrote about a possible rally, but I also see a warning sign,
from a technical point of view, the situation at Tesla is increasingly gloomy.
The bulls couldn’t push the share price above $ 720, a real warning sign.

My possible price targets on the bottom are $ 575 and $ 525.

Should the stock fall below $ 500, all dams will break.

If it succeeds in rising above $ 650, the situation would ease again. …

Tesla: Is the next rally just starting?
Tesla: Is the next rally just starting? (Photo by Austin Ramsey on Unsplash)

My view on the Tesla Stock and my price targets.

In my last article, Why is TESLA going down today? , I explained the reasons why Tesla is going down, and explained my price targets, as I wrote “It could even fall below the $575” and as you can see on the chart below, I was on point.

Get 1 free random stock at Bitpanda!
Get 1 free random stock at Bitpanda!

Be among the first users and get a free random stock (€5-€200)!

As I wrote in my last Article, Bitpanda is moving one step further (the company received a securities trading license on February 15) and has now announced the listing of stocks and ETF’s on its platform.

Bitpanda Stocks is coming in April 2021

Invest 24/7 (even outside of trading hours)

Tight spreads and zero commissions

Fractional shares (You don’t need to buy a whole share start with 1€)

Automatically collect dividends on stocks and ETFs

And on top of that, you get 1 random Stock for free!

Be among the first users and get a random stock for free worth (€5-€200)!

Bitpanda is moving one step further Stocks ETF’s
Bitpanda is moving one step further

The Austrian-based Crypto Exchange Bitpanda has received a securities trading license.

It could almost be described as the “Battle of the giants”, the largest crypto exchanges are fighting for new users, so it’s not surprising that new features are gradually being brought onto these Exchanges in order to stand up to the competition.

But Bitpanda is moving one step further…

To be exact, Bitpanda received a securities trading license on February 15 in accordance with the Securities Supervision Act (WAG 2018). Specifically, it is the Bitpanda Financial Services GmbH that received the license, which was set up in 2021 as a subsidiary for future investment services.

With this move, they are…

Photo by Arno Senoner on Unsplash

Is Tesla about to crash? How deep could the Tesla share prices fall?

Now it’s the time where I should say “I told you so” excerpt from my last Tesla update “Perhaps this is not a bad time to think about profit-taking”…

A lot of people are asking me why is Tesla going down so here are my assumptions, it all started on Wednesday (Feb 10) the shares of Tesla dropped in response to a Bloomberg report that came out one night before, which stated that the startup e-car rival Rivian is preparing for an IPO.

In yesterday’s trading session there was a violent discharge at the leading electric vehicle manufacturer.

The prices…

Photo by Miguel Sousa on Unsplash

What is Team40? What are their plans?

A lot of people asked me what is #team40 and what are their goals or plans?

I try to answer this question as well as I can but I don’t have all the answers,
so after reading this piece, leave a comment so I can get your perspective on BEST and the #team40.

The Crypto Hype is real, Bitcoin reached a new ATH(all-time high) and BEST reached nearly the price of my 5-year prediction, if you don’t know what BEST is I would recommend you to read this article first before you continue.

Due to the rise in the price…

Top 10 agriculture stocks 2021
Top 10 agriculture stocks 2021 | Photo by Jakob Cotton on Unsplash

A list of my top 10 agriculture companies 2021, 10 stocks that will help you capitalize on an uptrend in the agriculture industry 2021

First of all, I made a conscious decision that I don’t list any shares of pesticide manufacturers like Bayer (Monsanto) in this article.

Agricultural stocks have been among the big winners since mid-2020. Regardless of whether they are a seed or fertilizer producer, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, or a food producer, stocks with an agricultural background are increasing in value across the board and are developing new upward trends.

In this article, I will look at the causes of this development for you and show you why agricultural stocks can be a rational future investment.

Before we get to…

The Big Silver Squeeze — Is it a fake squeeze or is a real silver squeeze possible?
The Big Silver Squeeze

Is it a fake squeeze or is a real silver squeeze possible?

Silver surged already 20% since Friday morning which was most likely a result of the latest headlines “Shortage in silver supply” and “Wallstreetbets taking over silver”.

There’s a lot of controversy going on regarding the idea of a silver squeeze in the r/wallstreetbets community.

Is this silver squeeze a promoted media distraction?

Some people think it’s a coordinated attack (to draw attention away from GME and withdraw funds from the stock) so that the Hedge funds can keep fighting the $GME fight, in their opinion, it’s a fake squeeze.

I think that's highly possible, the WSB community slowly takes on sizes that scare Wall Street, they will use…

Dogecoins (DOGE) price exploded by over 400%!
Dogecoins (DOGE) price exploded by over 400%!

Is Doge a Good Investment? Should I invest now?

What has started as a Meme in the crypto space in early 2013 around the Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu, is now a crypto cult.

Last week the Reddit group “SatoshiStreetBets” discovered the coin for itself, which meant they pumped it and the cryptocurrency was able to gain more than 1,000%. At the end of the week, there was an increase of over 400%.

Reddit groups are currently causing a stir in the markets. After Reddit traders around the WallStreetBets group, which now has 6.7 …

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