Cashing In on C3 AI
Cashing In on C3 AI: Another Lucrative Trade and the Art of TimingPhoto by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Part 4

Cashing In on C3 AI

Another Lucrative Trade and the Art of Timing

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4 min readMay 27

Hey there, savvy investors!

Your favorite finance guru is back with another exhilarating update on the ever-enticing world of investing. If you’ve been following my previous articles (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), you know that I’ve been riding the rollercoaster of success with C3 AI, and it’s time to share my latest adventure.

Remember when I urged you to seize the opportunity and invest in C3 AI?

Well, I hope you took my advice because it has been one heck of a ride. Back in February, I decided to take a leap of faith and invested another 100k into this promising company. Fast forward to today, and I’m delighted to announce that I’ve turned that investment into a substantial profit.

C3 AI’s stock has soared by over 50%, catapulting me into the realm of financial triumph.

Now, hold onto your hats, because here comes the exciting part.
I’ve made the bold move of cashing out my initial investment like an absolute boss.

Picture this: confetti falling from the sky, champagne flowing, and a celebration that would make Gatsby jealous.

Yes, my friends, I’ve partied like there’s no tomorrow!

After cashing out at the perfect moment during the first pump, when the stock pumped to a whopping 31,95€, I knew I had nailed the timing once again.

It was a moment of triumph, and I celebrated the profits from my initial investment.

But here’s where it gets even better. Remember those price alarms I set?

Well, my first alarm at 17.50€ rang, and I seized the opportunity to reenter the market with 20% of the 100k I had previously cashed out. The second alarm at 15€ didn’t trigger, and the price swiftly climbed back above 16€.

I hesitated a bit too long, and bought the second tranche of shares at 16.20€, amounting to 40% of my profits. At this very moment, 40k still remains on the sideline, waiting for the perfect moment to jump back into the game.

Now, let’s fast forward to the present.



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