I’ve been watching, I’ve been waiting, In the shadows for my time.

I think nothing can describe Pantos better than the song “In The Shadows” by The Rasmus.

antos is flying under the Radar for years, only a few People at the Technical University in Vienna and Staff from Bitpanda know what exactly is going on. Pantos is the answer to an increasingly fragmented digital currency market. It is an open-source, open-innovation driven research project, bringing all major blockchain platforms closer together, which will set new standards for decentralised cross-chain token transfers.

Highlights of the new Whitepaper:
Pantos protocol shows that most requirements for cross-blockchain token transfers can be fulfilled!
-Pantos achieved a significant cost reduction of up to 92% over traditional blockchain relays. (that is massive)
-Pantos is now evaluating the new protocols on the Ethereum test networks Rinkeby and Ropsten.

In future work, the approach will be extended to other blockchain platforms as well. Finally, we will explore blockchain interoperability solutions beyond cross-blockchain token transfers.

Which Problem is Pantos trying to solve?

Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, many new blockchain-based projects have been launched, away from a single cryptocurrency focus to a variety of cryptocurrency-based applications built on top of blockchain-based technology.

But what happens if your Token is on a GhostChain(a blockchain that doesnt get used anymore) how do you get your tokens transferred to another Blockchain.

And this is what Pantos is trying to achieve

The First Multi-Blockchain Token System

a cost effective way to transfer tokens from one blockchain to another one.

92% cheaper than traditional blockchain relays.

As a multi-blockchain token system that allows for seamless crosschain token transfer, Pantos will:
• Fostering Cooperation and promote Synergies between blockchain platforms
• enable real-time arbitrage between exchanges
• offer a future-proof solution regardless of technological change
• introduce a new metric to measure the real-time PAN usage and distribution among blockchain platforms with the blockchain domination index.

Bitpanda CEO “Eric Demuth” on Twitter:

source: Twitter @Eric_demuth

Link to the recent Medium Article & Whitepaper:
Medium Article: Pantos Project Update: Ninth TAST Technical White Paper
For more information, check out the ninth TAST Technical White Paper here!

Where can i buy Pantos?

Last words
The Marketcap is only 8.322.000€, 0,02=1Pantos with incredible potential to become a tenbagger or even more.
Because I know that a lot of people are going to write in the comments:

“WHEN MOON??? In which time frame???”

I can just say

“It’s a Marathon not a sprint” and “great things take years to build”

Pantos is going to grow together with Bitpanda and as soon as the rocket is launched you want to be inside ;)

Where can i find more Information about Pantos?

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