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What is Team40? What are their plans?

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7 min readFeb 15, 2021


A lot of people asked me what is #team40 and what are their goals or plans?

I try to answer this question as well as I can but I don’t have all the answers,
so after reading this piece, leave a comment so I can get your perspective on BEST and the #team40.

The Crypto Hype is real, Bitcoin reached a new ATH(all-time high) and BEST reached nearly the price of my 5-year prediction, if you don’t know what BEST is I would recommend you to read this article first before you continue.

Due to the rise in the price of Bitcoin, the crypto exchanges experienced a massive rise in users, and with that, the price of “Exchange Tokens” like BNB, OKB, KCS, and BEST increased as well (BEST reached a new ATH).
(image below)

OKB-KCS-BNB-BEST-CHART-GREEN EUR — ORANGE BTC source: coinmarketcap.com

Since the start of the BEST IEO (initial exchange offering*), the price increased from 0,08 to 0,87 with this sharp increase in price, you probably would think, it’s time to cash out, but a group of investors decided to hold their BEST, an idea was born.

What started as a joke in the BEST telegram group, became reality, investors of all kind banded together to form:


Beneath this team,
there is more than flesh,
Beneath this team,
there is an idea,
and ideas are bulletproof.

Behind Team 40 are people who believe in the idea of ​​Bitpanda (Eric Demuth (CEO), Paul Klanschek (CEO), and Christian Trummer(CTO)):

Bitpanda’s goal is to become the leading European investment platform, combining blockchain with the “old finance” world.

On top of that, they clearly proved themselves to be authentic leaders capable of managing teams composed of hundreds of people and building a financial empire from virtually nothing.



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