The best web browser 2020

The best browser for mac, windows, ipad, iphone and android!

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Forget those old web browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Opera there is a new star on the horizon! Today I show you the best web browser of 2020 and explain in detail why it is the best browser for mac, windows, iOS and android

What is the best browser 2020?

the best web browser 2020

Brave was created from the same guy that made firefox and javascript, it is the fastest growing browser with more than 15 million active users. You can find more user graphics and growth information here. It’s right now the best browser for mac, windows, iOS and android.

Why is brave the best browser 2020?

Brave is more secure and faster than any other browser, it has a built-in tor-browser and blocks all ads, trackers and scripts which makes browsing the web with brave to one of the securest and fastest browsing experiences.

On top of that brave has a unique special you can earn money while browsing the web, by just activating brave rewards, the Brave Browser has his own ads with 1553 campaigns from several different companies like Amazon, Intel, Logitech, Lenovo and many more, unlike other big marketing companies like google, brave pays for each advertisement that a user has watched, giving back a portion of the money that the advertiser has spent for creating the ad.

What is the best browser for mac?

the best browser for mac

Brave is supporting all platforms, with its secure and fast features Brave is the best browser for mac, iPad or iPhone.

Why is brave more secure than any other browser?

Brave keeps your information private and secure, unlike other browsers brave automatically switch to https which is a secure and encrypted way of communication, it blocks all harmful scripts, plugins, ads, phishing and malware giving you the most secure browsing experience.

Brave browser is sometimes a way to secure blocking even scripts on trusted websites if this happens just turn down the shield (like on the image below)

image that shows how to deactivate the brave shield
How to deactivate the brave shield

Just click on the orange lion head on the right side of the address bar and click on the button below it.

How much faster is the best Browser Brave?

Make dust or eat dust the best browser for 2020 is brave! Hot, nasty and has a badass speed!

Here is brave in action compared to Firefox and Chrome, loading the pages 3 times faster without installing any plugin.

And yes you can get the same level of speed with other browsers but you would have to install a bunch of plugins to achieve the same result, the best browser Brave has it built-in.

the best web browser — time safed
Ads and trackers blocked — 13,9h

You don’t believe how much time you save, brave made it visible on the front page. I already saved 14 hours only in loading time because the brave browser blocked trackers, ads and harmful plugins.

How can I browse the web and get paid?

It’s not only the best browser for mac it also has a unique ads system that shares 70% of their ad revenues with Braves users. Just download the browser here and activate the reward system.

A gif that shows how to activate the Brave reward system
how to activate the Brave reward system

From now on you will be paid for every advertisement you see in the browser.

Here is a guide for all 3 ways on how to earn money online with brave and how to cash out.

Other benefits of Brave

The Best browser for mac, windows, android and iOS has a social impact with their Brave Ads grant project, Brave was able to spread some additional awareness and support for non-profits, over 31 non-profits including UNICEF France, Khan Academy, No Kid Hungry, GetUsPPE and Save the Children.

Maybe it sounds a bit silly but the biggest reason for me is the built-in ad-blocker, it works on all websites and videos, I don’t need to pay for it or search for a new free version every couple of months like in firefox or chrome.

I can tip my favorite content creator directly through brave without the need of installing a plugin or registering on a website.

It got a build-in Tor browser, a crypto wallet for easy exchange and you can install all extensions you can find the top 5 crypto exchanges in theUS here and for the best crypto exchange for EU here.

You can swap all your bookmarks and settings from chrome, firefox, opera to brave.

Brave got a build-in text search function with Ctrl+f or Strg+f. very useful

You can swap with F12 to developer mode and watch the code or switch the display settings of a website.

Brave is pushing one update after another instead of resting on the laurels like the other common web browsers.

It’s time for a change! Browse with the best browser for mac, windows, iOS and android in 2020! Browse with Brave fast & secure!

Download brave here.


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