Top dividend stocks 2020
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Top dividend stocks 2020 (part1)

The Top dividend stocks 2020 with which you can earn passive income and attractive returns even in times of low-interest rates.

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11 min readOct 21, 2020


Almost every investor dreams of the day when they can live off the interest that their savings generate.

After my top 10 biotech stocks, tesla, and corona second wave article, some people asked me if I could write more about dividend stocks, so I thought:

Ok, let’s make a small dividend stock article series.

We’ll start with the basics and 3 stocks of the top dividend stocks 2020 series, and then we’ll work our way through the individual countries week after week, probably the next article is about dividend stocks from the United States, Germany, or maybe Switzerland so stay tuned.

If you have a suggestion for a country then just write it in the comments.

Top dividend stocks 2020 Introduction:

In times of the Corona crisis, interest rates are likely to remain in the area of ​​the historic lows for the foreseeable future. Most interest-bearing paper, such as bonds, no longer yield anything, even in the USA, the yields on ten-year US bonds are noticeably approaching zero.

Those who do not want to leave their money in the bank without interest need profitable alternatives. The choice is not too big. Listed corporations usually even pay higher dividends for their shares than interest on long-term corporate bonds.

In times of zero interest rates on the account, high-dividend and crisis-proof stocks are becoming increasingly popular and are considered as top recommendations.

For investors looking for interest, there is no getting around dividend stocks. But it is not just a question of the return, also stability and sustainability are important. That’s why I’ve researched to find the Top dividend stocks 2020.

Long-term higher growth in value with the Top dividend stocks 2020

Companies that generate sustainable profits and let their shareholders participate in the success belong in every portfolio.



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